Monday, November 9, 2009

Shattered Brain

Broken Head

Lost day yesterday. It was my Mom's birthday, but either The Headache was making me very sick, or The Belly was. I think it was The Headache. Got through the morning OK, but the afternoon was bad. That evening my sister was kind enough to cook and host a birthday dinner for my 79 year old Mom, so I medicated so I could attend. I managed to make it through the meal, then crashed on her couch until we left. My brother drove so I could take enough medication to keep from ruining the evening for everyone else. All four of us were able to be there, so that was nice for my Mom.

Today The Headache is aggravating me. Sorta payback for last week travels, poor Wilsy passing on, and trying to have a relaxing evening out. The pain is not so bad, but the thought disorganization is not good. I have not taken any medications today so figure even though the pain is not so bad The Headache is creating havoc in my brain.

Worked a few hours from home this evening as I am having trouble getting to sleep. Tomorrow I work, then Tuesday morning I am in Kansas City early for the immunologist appointment, and Wednesday I go for the endoscopic ultrasound. Very tired, so I may medicate and head off to sleep soon. Trying hard not to use medication - the stimulator is doing 80% of the work medication did, but there are days I need the extra 20% to function. This day seems to be one of them.

Ah well, tomorrow will soon be here as it is almost 2 AM. Working towards getting back to a normal schedule next week. I Need to get back to a normal schedule, as the new install starts my hours will increase to more than full time. I will have to pump myself up and rev the head to get it working. Maybe super glue will help me put it all back together or else I can get a pull start like chainsaws use for my brain! My brain is definitely not as sharp as a chainsaw today, and I guess judging from this ad maybe I need some diet Mountain Dew to get my brain working and to avoid ferrets??


  1. So very sorry for your continued pain! Hopefully getting back into a normal routine will help a bit. Pray that your sleep will return.


  2. Sleep??? What's that?? :) Thanks JBR!

    The pain has been my companion now going on three years. It's a lot better than the last two years so God put me in the right place at the right time to get help! There are others who don't have any relief at all, and I wish I could just make the pain go away for them.