Friday, November 13, 2009

Gastric Emptying Test Scheduled

Mmmmmm Radioactive Food

Have a gastric emptying test scheduled for next Monday with Dr. Hawkeye. At least I am not having to wait a long time to come in. I guess he wants to check how the old GI system behaves with food.

Hoping something will help with The Belly. The pain is constant, and pretty severe after I eat. I'm not eating much so I am starting to feel the effects of not ingesting enough protein. Dreading the gastric emptying test, because the description of the test is that you have to eat X amount of food that has been dosed with radiation. I don't mind the radiation - by this time I've been exposed to so much radiation its not possible to count the rads - its the eating I am dreading. My brother said the doctor mentioned macaroni and cheese. I haven't eaten that in months because of The Belly and the amount of fat in the mac and cheese.

The cankles are making a comeback. The trip to KC this week was enough for my body to say YES I want more cankle action going on. I think I should invent a device that will squeeze your ankles like a tube of toothpaste thusly rolling away the cankles. I wish I could roll my legs up like the Wicked Witch that got scrunched by Dorothy's house in the Wizard of Oz and then squeeze them out like a sponge. I've been off antibiotics for a few days, and fear that the UTI infection that was not an infection has come back.

I'm gonna have to get my positive groove back. I feel all whiney and wimpy. I just want to curl up in a ball protecting The Belly like an armadillo.


  1. I'll be thinking of you on Monday. The test sounds nasty but if it leads to some good results it will be worth it, right?

  2. Thanks Sue. Not sure what the results will mean to me. Probably just another med to take.

    I'll let everyone know if eating radioactivity is tasty or not! If only it would resolve the cankle situation too, eh?

    Kinda bummed about the permanence of The Belly pain. Guess its a forever thing just like The Headache.

    Wish I wasn't so durn persistent!
    I guess I'm being consistent,
    But I really want to be resistant!

  3. Good luck with your gastric test on Monday. I'm glad you didn't have to wait long for it. I hope they find something that can give you some relief soon.

  4. Thanki MP, you know I have such lowered expectations from doctors anymore. I guess I can hope for some help, I know I can expect another bill!!!