Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrating Family

The Motley Crew

Had a great Thanksgiving dinner Friday evening with my nephew herding his two boys, and his two nephews, my sister, her husband and their puppy Gracie, both of my brothers, and my brother's cat Butterball. I took extra pain medication so I could eat something and join the celebration, so I had a good time in spite of The Belly. The Headache is behaving itself this weekend - so I am only facing pain on one front rather than two.

My brothers did all the cooking and cleaning up. My younger brother was the chief chef, with my older brother bringing up the rear with support and deviled eggs. All I did was try to straighten up a bit of the house, dust and mop floors. Very stress free Thanksgiving, everyone had a good time and relaxed and my niece-puppy Gracie was the belle of the ball. She had my great nephews rolling around giggling because she wanted to kiss their ears! I have to say I have a bunch of well behaved young gentlemen in the family, they were very considerate of their old great-grandmother and great-aunt!

It's four AM on Sunday, and I haven't slept a wink. I have a slight feeling of anxiety and forboding, and I'm not sure why. My heart seems to be racing a million miles an hour, and The Belly is rather painful. Maybe it is the pancreatitis since I have been bold enough to eat some real food the last couple of days. Maybe its because I seem to have won the battle of The Headache, only to lose the battle of The Belly.

I'm discouraged, but I haven't thrown in the towel yet. I refuse to believe the only solution to The Belly is to take pain killers constantly, which is about where I'm at now. On bad days the pain killer I am using (tramadol) does not seem to be quite enough. Surely there is a way I can manipulate the pancreatitic enzymes I am taking to have a more pain free life. Maybe there is a peripheral nerve zapper just for the pancreas?? I can only dream.

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