Monday, February 8, 2010

Kryptonite Belly

Wish I was Invulnerable

My sister invited my brother and I over to watch the Super Bowl on their very nice, very large flat screen TV. I brought chips and dip and a fruit platter, and she made low fat hot deli sandwiches and we had a nice light supper also.

I ate about three inches of my sandwich, and some of the fruit, and a tablespoon of the layered dip that used no-fat sour cream. I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl, but my nausea and pain just kept increasing.

We left after the Super Bowl was finished, and I came home, where the pain and nausea increased. I took phenergan trying to stop nausea, and after about another half hour I took a percocet for pain.

Unfortunately, I started breaking out in small hives after taking the percocet. I can't tell if I'm allergic to pain medication, or just determined to have hives regardless. Then the nausea started ramping up, and I threw up everything I had eaten this evening (which wasn't much). Probably also threw up the pain medication. Three AM and still vomiting. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Going to try to go to sleep, praying that I can quit throwing up. Not sure what to do about it. Getting really shaky and cold feeling today, would like to have some real energy. The pain is increasing, but won't take more medication since I'm not sure how much stayed with me.

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