Monday, January 2, 2012

The Power of The Subconscious

Suggestion or Inspiration?

I decided today that one of my resolutions for the New Year was to learn to knit socks.  When I was young I was taught to knit by my mother and a pair of house slippers was the first project I was taught to knit, a very simple first project.  I learned soon to knit "in the round" using four needles and then moved up to hats and mittens, graduating to gloves with five fingers.  I have made afghans and scarves but really haven't knitted for years except for a disastrous doggie sweater I made for my dachshund Augie.  It might have looked OK if he was a foot longer, had a large hump in the middle of his shoulders and a couple of extra legs and if his throat had been as big around as his butt.  Otherwise, it was a really good fit.

I started wondering this evening why I had a sudden urge to knit.  Why was this dwelling on my mind? Then it dawned on me.  CATHETERS!  The intermittent catheters I am using sorta generally remind you of a knitting needle.  Duh.  I'm handling them over and over and over and over, and I guess it has been tickling at the back of my brain.  Now that I have already gone and bought the yarn and new needles and downloaded some new patterns I have figured it out.  Probably should have saved myself the trouble - I thought I was being inspired, instead I was being nagged.   Sigh.

Since I have some new wonderfully crazy yarn I think I am going to have to knit some socks.  I know myself tho.  Probably this resolution is going to go into the box with all my other unfinished resolutions. I will hit myself over the head later and say "Why did you ever start this??" - at least this time I have figured out the why!

I am on my way to St. Louis tomorrow to see Dr. Bellyfixer.  With gastroparesis I have to take "Miralax" every week in order to make everything move through my system.  Some weeks it is very hard to make things move.  Such is my dilemma tonight.  Watch - I will be three hours into a five hour drive and the Miralax Miracle will decide to happen between rest stops. I guess I'll take extra clothes.  Gosh, I feel like Charlie Brown  - I just can't seem to win. Drat or as Snoopy would say "Bleah."  Thinking of Snoopy maybe I will go dancing in my mind with Snoopy and the bunnies; beagles are Always Happy and Joyous (at least our family beagle Max was).  Wandering down memory lane a little too much lately I think, but its such a lovely lane!


  1. I wish I had known you would be in St. Louis...I am 16 miles from there! Let me know next time and I will drive over to meet you. Are you affiliated with Barnes Jewish or SLU or an independent physician? I would love to learn to knit socks but I'm all thumbs! My husband is a dream knitter. We have a ton of yarn accumulated over the years and we have been impressed upon by God to knit this up into scarves and blankets for the homeless. And maybe even socks! I love wearing colorful socks so I think I need to do this for me and then share with the GP when I am confident. You are a terrific friend...don't ever think otherwise. I need to catch up with your posts...on my to-do list for this week. Love ya.

  2. Love ya too Ness!!! I am sure there will be a next trip so I will catch you then - maybe I can drive over YOUR way, after all I will have driven 5 hours!!! Not too well for this trip, not wanting to go. Leaving in a few minutes, hoping to be back tonight but expecting to stay over in Rolla. Tons of free sock patterns on the web, from beginner to way fancier than I can knit!!! Laughing about the dream knitter in the family! Probably me too!!! I go to center for advanced medicine by Barnes/Wash U. Last chance for the really sick in my area. sigh

    PS last fall I went thrift shopping in St. Looey. It was total fun - thought of you!! and not too far from Barnes

  3. PS - three docs in st. Louis now - neuro Dr.House, GI #1 (belly) Dr. Bellyfixer, GI #2 (pancreas) Dr. Gnome

  4. PS Mirlax Miracle started to happen just as I was getting dressed - has ruined my getting dressed routine. Hoping I have run out of Miracle juice by now.

  5. So nice to have you back blogging Winny! I've always thought knitting looked fun but only know how to crochet. Great with afgans, scarves and such - nothing complicated or round...
    btw my migraine doc is in the center for advanced medicine - small world :)

  6. Oh jeez; I have had some major crochet failures. I have found that it's an ideal hobby for me with these migraines.

    I wish you smooth sailing & happy trails on your road trip! I hope the appointment goes well. :)

  7. Migrainista: It is a small world!!! Love my docs there. My migraine doc & the A Team is in Springfield tho. Works better for ER visits. I can crochet too, better at it than knitting. Going to start on the socks, but am afraid I may need to grow an extra ankle or something if I get the heel wrong.

    Emily: The dog outfit was a definite Knitting Fail. My poor dog was ashamed of it - even tho it was exra cooshy chenille. If it ever got wet the poor little guy would have had to just lay down because the force of gravity would not allow him to stand it was soooo heavy! Crochet I don't have so much trouble with scale - not a good knitter that way so I may have one size 12 sock and one size 5 sock.